Saturday, 23 February 2008

Fossil Bluff closes down for the Winter

Well after 15 months here i finally got to go to Fossil Bluff! This is a summer base and is used as a refueling depot through the summer months. BAS used to winter here and the last time it was wintered in was in the early 60's. It is a fabulous hut named Bluebell Cottage and has lots of history inside.

I was there to start the winterisation and remove some of the older skidoos for the winter.
I eventually got 3 nights there and got an excellent final flight back with one of our new pilots who has got over 20 years experience flying Twin Otters down here in the Antarctic.
That is pyramid in the background to the right hand side.

I was there with Tim the new wintering electrician. Here he is winterising the gas fired 'rocket bog' Unfortunately the ponds water level rose around 3 feet this summer hence the toilet will have to be relocated next season if it can be chipped out from the solid ice which will have formed around it at through the winter.

One evening we climbed to the top of Pyramid one of the local peaks behind the cottage. It took us about an hour and a half to reach the top just in time for our evening sched which we did over the iridium sat phone.

Fossil Bluff is aptly named as there are fossils all around the local area. This is a fossil of a cuttle fish and there are lots more os shells, snail things and ferns. It makes you wonder what the Antarctic was like millions of years ago and what animals lived there.

The Cottage is well equipped with a Rayburn and electric powered by a generator. We even had some fresh eggs so a fry up for breakfast was a must.

I even had the chance to have a go at baking bread. This was the first attempt which i was quite happy with.

I also baked an Apple pie which turned out a little overdone but tasted just right. If you read this mum, don't get any ideas!!

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