Friday, 15 February 2008

Borek planes return. But not quite in one piece

Recognize this??? Well back in October this Bassler/DC-3 came through Rothera on the way to the South Pole for the American science pro gramme. Unfortunately it crashed in the field during the summer season and had to be rebuilt out on the ice.

The plane belongs to Ken Borek air and is the flagship plane for the company.

It really is amazing to see what work can be done in the field and the air mechanics have done a fabulous job to get this plane back in the air. I saw some pictures of the plane after the crash and the entire under carriage had ripped off and all of the propellers were bent.

A entire tail section has been replaced with one from a scrapped plane.

Its a wonder that the plane can fly with so much damage. The whole underside has dents and plates covering holes. Both engines have been replaced and the undercarriage. I'm sure it flys a bit to one side with the wing tip missing on one side!!!

Now thats what you call using your initiative !!!

Custom paint job!!

Well all they have to do now is fly that small leg of the journey up to Canada !!!

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