Friday, 23 March 2007

Welcome Snowfall

At the beginning of the week we welcomed the six inches of snowfall which was desperately needed. The only down side was that the Shackleton was due in the next day for relief and all entire Wharf and ongoing cargo was covered in snow. It was really amazing to witness how fast the snow falls.
The view down the runway. You can see the Ernest Shackleton moored up against the Wharf in the distance. She departed on Thursday morning with all of the 2006 wintering team on board. Many of them will be doing some sort of traveling through South America on the way back to the UK and some will sail all the way back on either the Ernest Shackleton or the James Clarke Ross.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

An evening down a Crevasse

Last night Steve Boulton, Jim Elliot, Mark Borin and myself went down a crevasse which has been open for quite a few years at the top of the ramp next to the base. It is about 400 feet long and as you can see from the photos it really is an amazing sight to see.
We spent about an hour down there walking from one end to the other admiring the ice and its structure which has taken years to form.
Through the summer months the crevasse melts which causes the stalactites to get longer. But now winter is nearly here they have all frozen solid again.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

Farewell to great friends

Adam and Sue-Ann left this morning on the Dash 7. We have all become great friends over the summer months and i wish them a safe journey home and all the best for the future.
Till we meet again!

Dance party in the boat shed

Saturday provided entertainment in the form of a Dance party in the boat shed organised by Mark Saunders who left today after wintering 2006. The night was a complete success and when the doors were opened for sunset the view was amazing with a brilliant red sky!

Lagoon Island

Jim the boatman and Kelvin drop us off at Lagoon Island for the evening.

We stayed in a little hut for the evening. Very comfortable and so nice to escape from the base even if just for a short period.

Beautiful Sunday morning sitting outside in the sun!

Thankfully Adam had gained his campfire badge in the past at Cubs so the fire was no problem for him. Half a gallon of petrol does wonders too!

On the South side of the Island there are a load of Whale bones. You can see by the way that Sue-Ann models them how big they actually are.

Two Fur seals playing in the water. They look very cute by can be quite grumpy so keeping your distance from seals is advisable. As they tend to chase you if you get too close!

Evening at Stork Bowl

The first footsteps on fresh powder! Pete up front followed by Ally and myself.
Sue-Ann. On her way back down the mountain!
The fantastic view from the top of Stork. Beautiful clear evening.